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Post by ~NRU.Massive on Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:07 pm

1. This is a multi-cultural community.Racism will not be tolerated.
2. No Flaming, trolling or ridiculing of members.
3. Remember not only is this a multi-racial community there is also a wide age range of members.Accordingly, choose your language, avatars and signatures carefully, any that is thought to be offensive or in bad taste will be removed by staff.
4. Referral links, links to advertisement sites or similar such scams are not permitted anywhere on this site without the approval of Staff,this includes users signatures, neither are links to commercial sites.
Note: If you have a site you would like to advertise, please contact an Owner/Administrator for approval!!! Offenders will have their post deleted and will be put on mod preview.
5. No talk of warez or torrents.
6. No thread hijacking.A user or small group of users may not take over a thread for another purpose or change the subject.
7. Multiple posting.The occasional double post is fine but chain posts will be deleted. If you feel you have something to add to your last post and nobody has replied please use the 'edit post' function.
8. Spam is only allowed in the designated forums.
9. This is an English speaking forum. All posts must be in English or accompanied by an English translation. Posts not complying with this will be removed.
10. Aggression, insolence, disrespect towards our hard working staff will not be tolerated.
11. Every Moderator's action is a private matter so if you disagree with a Moderator's decision, then discuss it with the Moderator via the PM system instead of using the public topics to complain about it.
12. DO NOT use pm system to poach members !!! = Instant Ban!The moderators are there to assist and guide you to an enjoyable experience on this site, but, will also enforce order and remove anything they think is unsuitable at their discretion.Offender risks a warning, mod preview or ban if repeating any offense.If a member is experiencing any problems please contact one of the staff.
13. Please note that posting images in the chatbox is not allowed.

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